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This is pure, undiluted,100% full-strength Sativa L (CBD) essential balm of the highest quality. Extracted Full Supercritical CO2 CBD balm 30gx 500mg (5%) balm (Suitable for Adults, Children & Pets) Advertised within the industry as the” Wonder Balm”, Cannabinoid CBD products are 100% safe ,100% pure,100% organic and 100% Legal.

The amazing scope of medical uses and therapeutic benefits of Sativa L are now being identified and undergoing medical trials. Hemp essential balm(Sativa L.) is is a truly holistic balm that works on both a physical and emotional level and offers a wide range of health enhancing benefits. Hemp is especially suited for protracted and chronic health problems and pains. Therapeutic properties: anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling and alleviates muscular stiffness and spasms), anti-allergenic (great for eczema, hormone-balancing), good for PMS (reduces painful cramps with less emotional distress), stress relieving, good for insomnia, psychologically opening, releasing and stabilizing. Also helps nervousness, insomnia and creates a feeling of inner peace.

Some of the common places to apply Cannabinoid Sativa L balm is across the forehead, the temples or on the crown of the head. It may also be used for pulse points such as the neck or wrists. Sativa L Balm can be applied locally to the skin.

SUITABLE FOR: Adults – Children – Animals.

Ships From: United Kingdom (UK)

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Supercritical CO2 extraction produces pure, clean, highest quality CBD oil with almost no post-processing. Controlling the temperature and pressure of the CO2 through a set of phases creates different states from solid to gas, allowing differing weights of components in the plant material to be extracted in one operation. Supercritical CO2 extraction therefore releases the full range of cannabinoids, vitamins and terpines from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, also known as industrial hemp. In contrast the CO2 extraction method used for Cannabinoid’s Full Spectrum CDB Oil preserves the full range of terpines plus trace elements of THC that trigger the body’s CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

The tiny amount of THC is too low to cause any psychoactive reaction or “high” and is fully legal in the UK, EU and USA. Full spectrum CBD balm also contains trace amounts of Cannabinol (CBN) which has a stronger affinity to the CB2 receptors that are involved with the immune system, plus terpines. Terpenes are the essential oils found in Cannabis Sativa L. The potential of terpines for human health is just beginning to be fully understood. Terpenes dissolve in lipids so easily cross cell membranes, particularly the blood-brain barrier. Those found in full spectrum CBD balm are being researched for their anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and pain relief properties. Whilst we cannot yet claim such benefits are scientifically proven, the current research is giving promising glimpses of potential for the benefits of CBD balm for Cancer, CBD balm for Parkinson’s Disease and the use of CBD balm for prevention of seizures. The value of cannibinoids for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis is already recognized.

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